Ögon Designs products are original creations, carefully made with quality materials.
The aluminium used, Lead free & Cadmium free, meets European standards (tested by an independent laboratory).
The products of the Carbon fiber collection are made of genuine molded carbon fiber and are the result of a specific know how and high tech process.
Each product is unque: small potential flaws are the proof of a handmade production.
Ögon Designs guarantees the authenticity of the manufacturing materials.
They are subjected to a rigorous quality control.

We are vigilant about the quality of our products and we are always working to improve them.
However, a defect is always possible.

Execept certain exceptions (refer to each product page) Ögon Designs card cases & wallets are designed to hold a maximum of 10 cards to 12 cards (bank notes, receipts, business cards).
If the wallet is over-filled and/or if it falls on the floor, the closing system can be damaged.
These are the 2 main ways of breaking the clasp and/or the hinge which are not covered by the warranty.
In its regular use, the product can last several years.

Warranty conditions

Ögon Designs products are covered by an international warranty of 2 years against manufacturing defects (with normal usage and following the directions given by the manufacturer).
Ögon Designs' warranty does not cover unreasonable or abnormal use of the product, damages (fall, shock), as well as the normal wear and tear of the product.

Please contact our customer service by email :

Please indicate :

  • The product concerned
  • Date & place of purchase
  • The defect

Please join to your email a proof of purchase and/or some photos showing the defect of the product.

The warranty includes: replacement of the broken product by a new one and the shipment of the new product.

All shipping costs associated with the return of the defective product shall be payable by the customer.