Ögon Design X Le Bon Marché

12 years of collaboration

Founded in 1852 in Paris, Le Bon Marché, pionnier of department stores, is since 12 years partners with Ögon Design.

Since 2008 Le Bon Marché trusts Ögon Design and the quality of its products by offering its premium customers our different aluminium wallet collections in its stationary section.

This partnership has allowed Ögon Design to establish itself on the french wallet market. Highlighting innovation and quality products offered since the brand's launch. Core values shared by Le Bon Marché


Le Bon Marché in a few words

Located in the 7th borough of Paris, Le Bon Marché is the first department store in the world, leading the way to now worldly renowned department stores such as Harrods, House of Fraser, Galeries Lafayettes, Printemps and El Corte Inglès.

Originally a haberdashery store, Au Bon Marché has become a premium social spot. The department store aims to offer the best services to its customers by offering additional services such as catering and beauty services.

Did you know?

Le Bon Marché is the first store in the world to offer free access to its store. Until then shops were too small to show all the products available, customers had to be served by a sales person at the counter.