Production of aluminium wallets, ÖGON, France

Production of carbon fiber wallets, ÖGON, France


ÖGON DESIGN : smart wallets made in Normandy, France

ÖGON DESIGN, inventor of the smart wallets, was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 2002. Based in Paris for several years, we have since settled in Evreux, Normandy. It is here, in our facility of 1000m2, 80km from Paris, that our products are conceived.

In addition to our team of thirty people we work in collaboration with the sheltered workshops ESAT Les Papillons Blancs (White Butterflies) where more than one hundred people assemble our wallets with care every day.


Production of 3C : Carbon Card Clip made in France

Les Papillons Blancs de l'Eure, Normandie, France