The Code Wallet: the first pocket size vault!

Since 15 years, ÖGON DESIGNS, the creator of the aluminum wallet, has continuously innovated to offer alternatives to traditional wallets. We realized that today everything is code encrypted: smartphones, suitcases, credit cards, the door of your building, wifi, etc.

But wallets are not, even though they hold our most personal information and valuables. We therefore created the first wallet that locks: be the only one to access your wallet.

This is actually the first pocket safe.


This code wallet protects your privacy (tickets, receipts, identity etc.) and your bank details. The 3-digit code locking system secures your belongings with 1000 possible combinations.

Like all OGON Designs products, the Code Wallet is RFID Protected: protect your cards against wireless skimming. The development of the Code Wallet was launched through crowd funding platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Crowd funding allows to raise funds to launch a product or an innovative concept. Internet users choose to help you finance your project in return of a pledge (an exclusive product, before launching on the market for example).

A real success on Kickstarter: the Code Wallet is one of the best funded wallet projects with more than $ 300,000 raised during the campaign! More than 2,000 people around the world have chosen to trust us and helped us launch this product on the market.

The Code Wallet : the only wallet that protects your privacy and money!