Coin Dispenser for Euro

ÖGON coin dispenser : practical and innovative

Since 2004, ÖGON Design has been creating practical products that fit the lifestyle of people who go to the essential!

The ÖGON coin dispenser was launched on the European market in 2009. This small round case that resembles to a powder case was an immediate successUltra-functional: it allows you to give your change in an instant. It can contain about 20€ in coins, about forty pieces. Compact and durable, it is easy to find in a bag, or you can keep it in the glove compartment of your vehicle.

No more loose change in the pockets!

Capacity: 5 pieces per slot. The coins are maintained by a spring mechanism and are very easy to locate and take out. Magnetic cover for coins of 1cts.

Also available for Yens and Swiss Francs. 

Coin Dispenser for Yen

Coin Dispenser for Swiss Franc