Ögon Design on the TF1 Evening News

Since the creation and the launch of the first aluminium wallet, Ögon Design has generated interest from the media. Today our wallets are once again in the spotlight of the TF1 evening news like a solution against RFID fraud.

With the invention of chip cards, fraud techniques to steel your personal data have multiplied. Contactless payment and biometric passports expose even more our data to theft.

If this new technology allows us to save time on a daily basis, its an additional risk for our data. Indeed, today 7 out of 10 people use contactless cards daily. But this habit comes with risk


What is RFID

RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification, is a technology that allows us to be quickly identified by data stored in a magnetic chip. Our debit and credit cards use this technology for contactless payments, as well as our transport cards and biometric passports.

Protect your data with an aluminium wallet

To protect your data the best way possible it is important to use secured storing systems. Thus, to ensure the security of your bank and personal details while in public, all Ögon Design aluminium wallets and card holders are built with a RFID protection system. This technology acts like a shield against contactless devices used to collect bank and identity details.