Aluminium revisited by Ögon.

If it was possible to summarize Ögon in one word, we would probably talk about aluminum.This material has a story intimately related to Industry. It has led to a small technical revolution when it comes to its characteristics and the different purposes it can serve.

A history and a legacy that makes up Ögon's story, since it is this material that was used to create the brand's first wallet in 2004. This wallet is inspired by a Scandinavian tradition: to carry cards, receipts and bank notes in a metal cigarette case. An idea taken a little further with a new material in the leather goods sector.

Add to that new options for the time and you get the Stockholm: the very first wallet signed by Ögon, a pioneer in the leather goods sector.


From the beginning, Ögon worked with Korean companies to use only the purest aluminum with the best possible quality.

To obtain a deep and luminous color, aluminum is treated by anodizing processes during which the color is inserted into the core of the material to become one. This technique ensures a better unique color and resistance to wear. Even after several years, the color is always present. Aware of the current issues of environmental protection, this process has been specially designed to allow a unique result and, above all, without toxic discharges.

But making wallets with aluminum also allows us to take advantage of other characteristicsof the material. Ögon card holders benefit from the lightness of the material, but also from its resistance to the magnetic waves. As soon as they entered the market in 2004, the Stockholm wallets were a real success across the Atlantic thanks to their resistance to RFID fraud. An increasingly important protection, due to the digitalization of the world, that we find on all Ögon models.

To conclude, aluminum and Ögon were made for each other. An innovative material and aprecursory company that led to a wide range of products paying tribute to aluminum and shaping the future of leather goods.