The tracking option for all our wallets. 

Since 2004, Ögon Design, a pioneer in the leather goods industry, focuses on creating alternatives to the traditional leather wallets. In a world where objects are more and more often connected, it was natural for our products to be so as well. However, it was not just about offering connected wallets. It had to be an extension of our main concern: the security of your data.

It is with the Code Wallet that Ögon took the plunge. It's the only wallet that protects your privacy and your money (RFID protection and code lock).

We wanted to go further by offering a geolocation service for wallets. Always with this desire to reduce the risks incurred when carrying papers, cards or money.In order to offer a service that is in line with our vision of discrete and compact wallets, we tested all existing trackers on the market. Chipolo, Protag, Tile, StickNFind, TrackR...

We tried and tested each of them to select the most effective device.


We chose TrackR. What better company than one already recognized and established worldwide to provide a service such as the one we wanted to offer to all our customers. The devices offered by the American company are indeed both compatible and easy to use. Two characteristics that coincide perfectly with our wallets. The TrackR avoids you from losing your wallet, indicating the distance that separates you from your wallet.

This device uses Bluetooth technology and has a range of thirty meters. You can synchronize it with a mobile application. If you're always looking for your belongings, this option can be very useful to alert you when your wallet is nearby, or when you're about to forget it.

The TrackR is a device sold separately, available for all Ögon products. An additional security to the RFID protection proposed by all our models. The TrackR option is to add directly to your basket, for 19 €. It will come with your order, and you can place it anywhere on your wallet. We recommend sticking it outside not to reduce the capacity of the wallet or the signal of the tracker.