ÖGON in the news : How to avoid electronic pickpocketing?

The 3C Carbon Card Clip was featured on the French program «La Quotidienne» as well as National TV News to discuss about the alarming phenomena of electronic thieves and ways to avoid electronic pick pocketing.

What is RFID and why you need to be protected ?

More and more credit cards and passports are outfitted with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips. This technology is what makes cards capable of contactless payment.

On the downside, individuals who have RFID readers can extract sensitive information from credit cards or passports without the owner even knowing that they were victimized, known as digital pick pocketing. If you own a card with a RFID chip that puts you at risk of fraud and identity theft, it is still possible to reduce the risk by using a RFID protected wallet.

Like all ÖGON products, the 3C Carbon Card Clip is RFID safe thanks to the embedded aluminum foil integrated that will protect your valuable information from electronic pickpockets.

«The 3C, the world's smallest wallet will protect your personal information from electronic pick pockets.»

The 3C is part of our luxury collection made of genuine carbon fiber. It is ultra lightstrong and scratchproof. The 3C fits perfectly in any pocket thanks to its pure shape and construction. It ensures maximum convenience with minimum bulk.

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